2019 Celestial events

Here is the list of celestial events starting in January 2019. On January 20 we will be doing lunar observation, it will begin @ 10.00pm and will end when the eclipse is over. Total eclipse will be @ 11:41pm so it will be a late night! We have 2 special events in 1 day, it is a full supermoon and will also be a total lunar eclipse. This will turn the moon blood red and as always gives a very strange feeling to the night. You don’t need to stay at the campground for this event, you just need to make prior reservations to attend, this can be done on the online store. This will be the first scheduled event in the new starfield so all of our scopes will be set up and hopefully some other astronomers will bring theirs, if you don’t have a scope a good set of binoculars can help pass the wait time and get some extra viewing in. February 4th is the new moon so DSO and Galaxy viewing will be at their best.